October 25, 2023



Experience the Power of Engagement in Investing

Welcome to Engaged Investments Conference

The premier conference that brings together the most innovative minds in the Central and Eastern European investment ecosystem.

At Engaged Investment, we believe that cooperation is key to success. That’s why we’re committed to connecting business angels and VCs from across the region to gain knowledge, network, and make deals.

By working together, we can create a more vibrant investment ecosystem that drives innovation and growth. 
Join us for this exciting event and become part of the dynamic community of investors who are shaping the future of Central and Eastern Europe.


Previous Year’s Speakers

Discover the pioneers of cross-border investing from the entire CEE region and Baltics, all in one place at last year’s event

Chris Gay-Crosier, international investments at Verve Ventures

Yuri Navaro, managing partner at Kanata  Ventures

Kaan Eren, investment manager at 500 Global

Cyril Golub, angel investor and chairman at LatBAN

Nina Dremelj, president of Business Angels of Slovenia

Jan Krahulík, HOST, partner at DEPO Ventures

Kamen Bankovski, principal at Vitosha Ventures

Branko Gugleta, Head of M&A and investments at Livesport

Calin Fusu, CEO of Neogen Capital

Douglas Wong, impact investor, sales director at Augmented Robotics

Andreas Munk Holm, HOST, founder of The European VC

Petr Šíma, partner at DEPO Ventures

Mikk Orglaan, founding partner at Fstage.vc                    

Vojta Roček, partner at Presto Ventures                 

Tobias Rataj, angel investor

Milen Ivanov, managing partner at Sofia Angels VC

Viktorija Vaitkevičiene, CEO of Colnvest Capital

Akim Arhipov, founder and investor at FFF.VC

Helery Pops, co-founder of Honey Badger Capital

Reima Linnanvirta, partner at Trind Ventures, president of FiBAN

Kristine Tarvida, HOST, managing director LatBAN

David Cruz, HOST, LP deal maker at the European VC
Ondřej Bartoš, general partner at Credo Ventures

Michal M. Bas, principal at VentureFriends

Petra Gordan, VC investor, managing partner at Impulse Ventures

Lenard Horgos, partner at Absolvo Consulting

Rando Rannus, general partner at Siena Sec. Fund

Vuk Vignjevic, venture capital at RSJ Investments

Vladimíra Činčurová, partner,
development manager at Microsoft

Michal Ciffra, managing partner at DEPO Ventures
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Join Expert Panels, Hands-On Workshops, and More

Engaged investments


Engage with diverse perspectives and ideas on current topics in the VC world

Engaged investments


Participate in practical and educational workshops led by experienced European investors.

Engaged investments


Discover new investment opportunities and meet founders from other investors, or showcase your own portfolio startup.

Engaged investments


Expand your professional network, meet new co-investors, partners, and friends 

Engaged investments


Pitch yourself, your network or fund, or portfolio startups to find co-investors

Engaged investments


Connect and explore with other investors through moderate networking activity.


Startup Regional Finale by DISRAPTORS

The conference is in collaboration with the DISRAPTORS Summit that will take place the next day (Oct. 11th)
The engaged conference will host the Regional Finale, where the startup winner will strive for a $ 500,000 investment prize and a ticket to Silicon Valley.

Buy a COMBO Pass and get to both events more cheaply.

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