Following on huge success from last year when we gathered over 100 business angels and people interested in startup investment and enjoy half day full of speeches, discussions, workshops and networking we are back with.

Engagement Investment Conference II

17th September at 2pm


Engaged Investment Conference II

17th September at 2pm


You can look forward to

Interesting presentation from speakers all around the world

Structured networking and marketplace

Interactive educational workshops

A lot of fun, talks, friends and good catering

Come if you are

Seasoned business angels

Managers interested in becoming business angels

General public interested in startups

VC funds

Look how we enjoyed last year

Participants reactions
Media coverage

Main organizator

About Grouport

Grouport is a dynamic and versatile fund with a unique approach – it combines direct engaged involvement in terms of project portfolio with an attractive return on investment. As such, the Investor enters the startup ecosystem and becomes a member of a unique network of fellow Angels investing their financial means and know-how into progressive startups shaping the 21st century.

Further, Grouport allows you to enter the startup ecosystem without the need to abandon or divert from your current job occupation and career.

Grouport – engaged involvement in progressive startups that have the potential to significantly affect our future.

Grouport – bringing together a remarkable group of people with a common goal and allowing them to grow.